Industries Served

Who do we work with

LaserTech has positioned itself with a vast array of capabilities that fit most vertical markets. New customers and parts provide opportunities to expand into new markets and this is where LaserTech shines. Wherever fabricated sheet metal parts and assemblies are used in product manufacturing, LaserTech is there. Please see the list of current industries served below.

  • Automotive - Including aftermarket
  • Transportation - Including Railway
  • Aerospace - Commercial and Defense
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Machine Tools and Equipment
  • Off Road
  • General/Commercial
  • Electronics
  • Food equipment
  • HVAC
  • Audio Equipment

Customers know LaserTech will hit the ground running, utilizing prior design experiences to leverage the success of your project. They value our flexibility, because we can meet short-run and high-volume production demands, and everything in between, including fast ramp-up, Kanban, and economical J.I.T. services.