Laser Cutting Capabilities

We are experts in Lasercutting with 3 State of the art machines, including our Amada 4000 Watt Fiber Laser and 2 Bystronic 4000 Watt Co2 Lasers. All 3 lasers possess loading systems and our Amada Fiber Laser is equipped with a storage tower/pallet loader which stores tons of sheet metal with lights-out capabilities.

Every New order provides us with an opportunity to showcase our ability to produce parts in a variety of material, thickness, and detail. Our laser capabilities include the abaility to cut various types of metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Iconel, Monel, and other Metals.

Equipped with large 60″x120″ Cutting tables we are able to cut materials from thin gauge to .75″ material thickness.

With the increased speed and detail of our Fiber Laser, we have saved companies valuable lead time and money over other processes they have typically used.